In KGJS, we believe that doing the right thing is best for our company

KGJS works actively to promote sustainability throughout our business activities including safeguarding the environment, ensuring health and safety at sea and onshore, supporting maritime research and enabling community development in locations where the company operates.

Sustainability is embedded in the daily operation of KGJS. We set high quality standards within our business segments and at the same time act responsibly, ethically, and trustworthily.



KGJS supports IMO’s goals for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from the maritime industry, as well as ambitions to cut waste and improve biological diversity in our oceans. We aim to provide ocean transportation services with a minimal impact to the environment in line with international and national regulations and expectations. We target zero spills, minimized operational waste and continuously reducing carbon footprint. Our environmental ambition is adhered to through a continuous focus on further reducing the emissions to air in the existing fleet through operative measures and emission reducing modifications to vessels’ equipment or systems. Our approach to protecting the environment has been compiled in “KGJS’s Environmental Policy.”. The policy is a governing document for KGJS, which clearly describes our intentions and guidelines in terms of climate change, air emissions and ecological impact across the complete lifecycle of our services or products, reflecting national and international regulations when setting our performance targets.

KGJS supports UN SDG 12 - targeting responsible consumption and production.

This is carried out through efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated on board our vessels and careful planning throughout the supply chain.

KGJS supports UN SDG 13 - targeting the global fight against climate change.

This is also the basis for the IMO 2030/2050 strategy. This is done through our effort to lower our fleet’s GHG emissions by increasing efficiency and utilizing modern technology.

KGJS supports UN SDG 14
- life below water.

Saving our ocean is important, as marine biodiversity in the oceans is critical to the health of people and our planet. Our policies and procedures ensure that operation of the vessels throughout the lifetime has minimal impact to the environment.

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In KGJS, safety comes first, and we believe that all accidents can be avoided. We work constantly to maintain a safety culture, through safety awareness and the right attitudes. This is promoted throughout the organization, including awareness focus from owner and board, regular dialogue between owners and fleet management and close follow-up of our external ship manager’s approach to the safety of our seafarers. We believe that a positive and social working environment is contributing to reducing and minimizing injuries, illness, disorders, sickness, and diseases. We aim at a continuous health improvement for our employees by providing support from healthcare and medical specialists. In addition to KGJS promoting gender equality and diversity in the shipping industry, we strive to provide a positive culture, focusing on trust, respect, and involvement as guiding principles through-out our organization. With these principles in mind, together with our core values and vision, we aim to have a high retention rate to keep valuable experience and knowledge in-house.

KGJS supports UN SDG 5 - Targeting gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

This is done by focusing on where we can improve internally and externally and expecting efforts from our suppliers.



KGJS’ policy is to conduct all our business in an honest, ethical, and transparent manner while complying with all applicable laws and regulation. The commitment and guidelines are outlined in our Code of Conduct. It describes our requirements and expectations relating to compliance with laws, regulations, confidentiality, “whistle blowing”, honest and fair dealing, anticorruption and conflict of interest. All employees are expected to respect and comply with these rules, in accordance with their duties and responsibilities. KGJS also has a GDPR policy in place, which is consistent with the Norwegian Data Protection act and GDPR rules. In accordance with our Code of Conduct, all employees are encouraged to report all firsthand experiences or observations of misconduct in the organization to their manager or HR.

KGJS supports UN SDG 16
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

SDG 16.5 aims to substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all their forms. Through our anticorruption policies stated in our Code of Conduct and MACN membership, KGJS is devoted to work towards the goal of substantially reduced corruption and bribery in all their forms.


Since the Company’s inception in 1967, KGJS has strived to treat people with respect and act in a responsible way towards its employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

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